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Migration Guide

When migrating to RocketMod 5, you should first reference the NuGet packages: Rocket.API, Rocket.Core and (if your plugin depends on Rocket.Unturned features or the Unturned dlls) Rocket.Unturned. You will have to reference UnityEngine.dll yourself as we can not provide it because of licensing issues.

Please read Services before continuing.

After that, change <MyPlugin> : RocketPlugin<X> part of your main plugin file to <MyPlugin> : Plugin.

Now update your API usage, below you can see what has changed.

Common API Changes

UnturnedChat PlayerManager
RocketPlugin<> Plugin
IRocketCommand ICommand, [Command]
R.Translation ITranslationProvider
Logger.Debug / Logger.Info ... Logging
Any event (OnXXXX) (e.g. OnPlayerConnected) Eventing
IRocketPermissionsProvider Permissions
R and U Services
Plugin.Configuration Configurations
Update(), FixedUpdate(), etc... Scheduling


If you want to make true universal plugins, you should avoid using MonoBehaviour under all circumstances. You can use the TaskScheduler instead. Only use MonoBehaviours if you need to add components which need access to other component data and hooks (e.g. OnCollision, Rigidbodies, etc).