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Permissions are used to determine which users can execute an action and which can not.

RocketMod exposes two permissions related services:

  • IPermissionChecker: Used to check if a user has a requested permission

  • IPermissionProvider: Provides permissions and manages them (e.g. adding groups, adding or removing permissions, etc...)

You can add these services like this to your plugin:

namespace SamplePlugin
    public class MyPluginMain : Plugin
        private IPermissionChecker permissionChecker;
        private IPermissionProvider permissionProvider;

        public MyPluginMain(IDependencyContainer container, IPermissionChecker permissionChecker, IPermissionProvider permissionProvider) : base ("MyPlugin", container)
            this.permissionChecker = permissionChecker;
            this.permissionProvider = permissionProvider;
With the permission provider added we can begin going over its features.

Managing Permissions

Checking Permissions

To check if a user has a permission, use CheckPermissionAsync.

PermissionResult checkResult = await permissionChecker.CheckPermissionAsync(user, "rocket");

    case PermissionResult.Grant:
        // The permission was explicitly granted
    case PermissionResult.Deny:
        // The permission was explicitly denied
    case PermissionResult.Default:
        // The permission was not set up. Usually the action get's denied here as well.

Checking against All Permissions

To check if a user has access to all requested permissions, use CheckHasAllPermissionsAsync.

if (await permissionChecker.CheckHasAllPermissionsAsync(user, "rocket", "p", "i") == PermissionResult.Grant)
    // Do Something

Checking against Any Permission

To check if a user has any permission from the requested permissions, use CheckHasAnyPermissionAsync.

if (await permissionChecker.CheckHasAnyPermissionAsync(user, "rocket", "p", "i") == PermissionResult.Grant)
    // Do Something

Granting Permissions

To grant a permission to a group or user, use AddPermissionAsync.

// will return true if successful
// Adds permission to user
await permissionProvider.AddPermissionAsync(user, "rocket");
// Adds permission to group
await permissionProvider.AddPermissionAsync(group, "rocket");

This will result in PermissionResult.Grant return on permission check.

Remove Permission

To remove a permission from a group or user, use RemovePermissionAsync.

// will return true if removed else false
// Remove permission from user
await permissionProvider.RemovePermissionAsync(user, "rocket");
// Remove permission from group
await permissionProvider.RemovePermissionAsync(group, "rocket");

This will result in PermissionResult.Default return on permission check.

Add a explicitly Denied Permission

To deny a permission from a group or user use AddDeniedPermissionAsync. This will override any explicit grants, inherited or not.

// returns true if added else false
// Add to user
await permissionProvider.AddDeniedPermissionAsync(user, "heal");
// Add to group
await permissionProvider.AddDeniedPermissionAsync(group, "heal");

This will result in PermissionResult.Denied return on permission check.

Removing a explicitly Denied Permission

To remove explicit denying of a permission, use RemoveDeniedPermissionAsync.

// returns true if removed else false
// Remove from user
await permissionProvider.RemoveDeniedPermissionAsync(user, "heal");
// Remove from group
await permissionProvider.RemoveDeniedPermissionAsync(group, "heal");

This will result in PermissionResult.Default return on permission check.

Managing Permission Groups

Getting a Group

To get a group by it's ID, use GetGroupAsync.

IPermissionGroup group = await permissionProvider.GetGroupAsync("vip");

Getting the Primary Permission Group of a User

To get a user's primary group, use GetPrimaryGroupAsync.

IPermissionGroup group = await permissionProvider.GetPrimaryGroupAsync(user);

Getting All Permission Groups

To get all permission groups, use GetGroupsAsync.

IEnumerable<IPermissionGroup> groups = await permissionProvider.GetGroupsAsync();

Getting Permission Groups of a User

To get permission groups of a user, use GetGroupsAsync(user).

IEnumerable<IPermissionGroup> groups = await permissionProvider.GetGroupsAsync(user);

Add a User to a Permission Group

To add a user to a permission group, use AddGroupAsync.

IPermissionGroup group = await permissionProvider.GetGroupAsync("vip");
if (group == null)
    return; // Group doesnt exist

await permissionProvider.AddGroupAsync(user, group);

Removing a Permission Group

To remove a user from a permission group, use RemoveGroupAsync.

IPermissionGroup group = permissionProvider.GetGroupAsync("vip");
if (group == null)
    return; // Group doesnt exist

await permissionProvider.RemoveGroupAsync(user, group);

Creating a Permission Group

To create a new group, use CreateGroupAsync:

await permissionProvider.CreateGroupAsync(new PermissionGroup() 
    Id = "vip",
    Name = "VIP",

Deleting a Permission Group

To delete a group, use DeleteGroupAsync:

await permissionProvider.DeleteGroupAsync(group);

Updating a Permission Group

To updates a group, use UpdateGroupAsync:

var group = await permissionProvider.GetGroupAsync("vip");

// Note: It is not guaranteed that you can change a Group's ID after it has been set.
group.Name = "Gold";

await permissionProvider.UpdateGroupAsync(group);

Loading, Saving and Reloading the Permissions

await permissionProvider.LoadAsync(context); // load from a config context
await permissionProvider.SaveAsync(); // save to config
await permissionProvider.ReloadAsync(); // reload from config

Best Practices

Usually you should deny actions when PermissionResult.Default is returned on requested permissions. Only do not deny if you want an action to be allowed by default, not denied.

Do not use permission checks in commands, use child commands instead, which always have their own permissions defined by RocketMod.