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RocketMod 5 uses ILogger service for logging. You can use it in your plugin like this:

public class MyPlugin : Plugin
    private readonly ILogger logger;
    public MyPlugin(IDependencyContainer container, ILogger logger): base(container)
        this.logger = logger;

    protected override async Task OnActivate(bool isFromReload)
        logger.LogFatal("This is a fatal error"); // Fatal errors which prevents the server or plugin from working, user must take action.
        logger.LogError("This is an error"); // Errors, e.g. exceptions, might require the user to take action
        logger.LogWarning("This is a warning"); // Warnings, do es not require the user to take action
        logger.LogInformation("This is some information"); // Generic log messages to inform the user
        logger.LogDebug("This is a debug message"); // Logging debug specific stuff like variable values, states etc.
        logger.LogTrace("This is a trace message"); // Tracing API, method calls etc (generates lots of logs)


Order of log messages level is like this:

(least messages) -> (most messages)

Fatal > Error > Warning > Information > Debug > Trace.

This means that, for example, when log level is set to "Warning", only "Warning", "Error" and "Fatal" messages will be shown.

You can also register a custom ILogger (by implementing ILogger or inheriting BaseLogger/FormattedLogger/FileLogger) to capture and handle log messages.