Creating a new implementation

With RocketMod it is very easy to implement your own game: First import Rocket.API, Rocket.Core, Rocket.Runtime. If you use UnityEngine or UnrealEngine, make sure that you also import Rocket.UnityEngine or Rocket.UnrealEngine.


If you use Rocket.UnityEngine, you have to download and reference UnityEngine.dll and UnityEngine.CoreModule.dll yourself. Due licensing reasons, we can not provide engine files.

The following services are expected to be implemented (see [[Services]] for registering services using IDependencyRegistrator): * ITaskScheduler //This is not needed if you use UnityEngine or UnrealEngine packages

  • IPlayerManager

  • IHost

The following events must be implemented:

  • ImplementationReadyEvent

When your assembly loads, call Runtime.Bootstrap(). If everything works, your IHost.Load() will be called. You need to load plugins from each IPluginManager at this point using IPluginManager.Init().

You can visist Rocket.Unturned for an example implementation.