Welcome to the RocketMod documentation!


This documentation is in the works. Feel free to extend the documentation on GitHub.

RocketMod is an extensible .NET Game Server Plugin Framework. It consists of two major parts - the Rocket Core - and special implementations of its API for .NET Games. The implementations act as a simple wrapper around the game's core functionality and loads custom commands, configurations, and game objects. With a built-in permission system and growing plugin ecosystem, RocketMod aims to become the middleware between Games and Plugins altering their gameplay, following .NET Best Practices.

This documentation contains useful information about how to setup a RocketMod server, but also covers basics in how to develop custom plugins for RocketMod. Feel free to extend or correct the documentation.

If you want do download the latest version of RocketMod, head over to our website. For all official RocketMod plugins, go to the plugin repository.